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Order & Delivery

Order & Delivery

GWW&S is an Illinois importer and distributor licensed to sell to valid on-premise (restaurant) and off-premise (retail) customers. Only licensed and approved GWW&S customers can place orders and receive deliveries. PLEASE NOTE: we do not sell directly to consumers. Consumers are welcome to inquire where desired products represented by GWW&S  can be purchased in Illinois.
To become a GWW&S  customer, please complete and send the GWW&S  Customer Profile and a copy of your Illinois State Liquor License to service@GWWSUSA.com. Your GWW&S Sales Representative will notify you when you are able to place an order. For new and existing customers, the best way to place an order is directly with your GWW&S Sales Representative at (224) 676-0923
GWW&S offers next-day delivery service five days a week to the Chicagoland area. Third-party delivery services, are used to deliver to areas in which the GWW&S  trucks cannot easily reach or to assist during high volume delivery days.


GWW&S only accepts returns that are authorized in advance, as proper documentation is needed to make the pick-up. Please contact your GWW&S Sales Representative or Customer Service if you need to return an item. You will receive a credit memo within 24 hours of return of merchandise to the warehouse. GWW&S does not accept returns, either for credit or refund, for unsold items or items that we no longer stock at our warehouse.


In accordance with Illinois law, GWW&S can only accept breakage returns at time of delivery. All cases should be opened and inspected by the customer at time of delivery to ensure all products are in good, saleable condition.


Please notify your GWW&S  Sales Representative of any faulty products. We may require return of the faulty merchandise in order to process a credit—particularly so if the item retails for in excess of $20. It is our preference to issue credit memos instead of physical replacements. Please tell your Sales Representative if you require a physical replacement.

Payment Terms

Depending on credit approval, payment terms are C.O.D. or Net 30. GWW&S reserves the right to set credit limits based on credit approval or standing.

GWW&S accepts cash, check and electronic funds transfer payments.


GWW&S delivers only to customers in good standing with the Wine and Spirits Distributors of Illinois (WSDI). The WSDI, by Illinois State Law, maintains a delinquency list of retailers that have not paid alcohol invoices by the statutory 30-Day period. Like all Illinois wine and spirits distributors, GWW&S is bound by these requirements. We receive the WSDI delinquency list electronically on Thursday afternoon and are not permitted to deliver to anyone on this list. Customers and their respective GWW&S Sales Representative are notified directly when this arises.